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It’s All Integrated!

Integrated Wellness Massage- uses a variety of long, flowing, rhythmic strokes in combination with firm, intentional pressure that flush away toxins and release tension caused by the rigors of everyday stress.  Relax and recoup in an environment where problems melt away and a deepened sense of well-being is reclaimed.


Note: All massage services are priced as follows unless otherwise noted (Premium Services).  All prices are subject to, but not likely to, change without notice.  The time indicated reflects time for actual hands on service time, not reflecting intake and outtake processes under normal circumstances.

60 minutes= $75

75 minutes= $90

90 minutes= $105

105 minutes= $120

120 minutes= $135




Swedish/Relaxing Massage- a style of massage specifically designed to relax muscles.  A generous amount of oil is typically used and strokes are applied in a very smooth manner with pressure being on the lighter end of the spectrum.  It aids circulation and stress management.


Sports Massage- mainly considered by those who are consistently involved in physical activity by way of recreational/professional, competitive or not, sports or personal “workouts” that incorporate extended jumping, running and/or weight lifting.  It is a massage consisting of various muscle movement techniques and stretches to assist in increasing range of motion and muscle recovery.  It is usually received before or after an exercise event or as regular, on-going maintenance for best physical performance.


Deep Tissue Massage- massage that directly affects deeper layers of muscle and fascia.  Specific pressure is applied in a slow, penetrating fashion to promote and support (or rather trigger) the body’s natural healing response.  Ask us about our philosophy on deep tissue massage when you call to schedule your appointment.


Breema Bodywork- aids in connecting the mind and body through purposeful, present touch and stretch.  It is inspired by Yoga and Thai traditions and promotes a mindful lifestyle. It is typically received fully and comfortably clothed on a floor rug or padded mat on the floor with limited to no oils used.


Thai Massage- a massage purposed to restore balance to the body through use of various body parts and yogic positioning to apply pressure to and stretch the body.  It opens pathways in the body that eases pain, increases flexibility and aids in optimal mind, body, spirit functioning.  It is usually received fully and comfortably clothed on a floor rug or padded mat on the floor with limited to no oils used.


Reflexology- an ancient art using specific pressure points on the hands and feet.  This type of bodywork is used to reestablish the flow of energy throughout the body, and relieve stress.


Reiki- a healing method using one’s own life force energy to cleanse and balance the mind, body and spirit.


Swe-Thai Massage- an unique integration of Thai/Yoga Massage and Swedish/Relaxing Massage received and performed on a massage table (versus a mat).  It is a blend of yoga stretches and massage techniques, great for tension and stress release in the neck, back and hips and well as balancing of the mind, body and spirit.

You Choose

massage/spa treatment received on a professional massage table made for comfort and built for full support




massage/spa treatment or bodywork received on a floor rug or comfortable mat on the floor with ample moving space


Custom Integrated Wellness Massage:

 Add 1-3 service enhancements for an additional $10 each unless otherwise noted (no additional service time required)


Spa Treatments


Aromatherapy-  Heighten the effects of massage and deepen your sense of relaxation with essential oils and herbs suited to stimulate, rejuvenate, and heal.  A herbal compress / custom blended essential oils are applied to your body and diffused throughout the space.


Hot Stone Back Treatment- Beautifully created massage incorporating hot stones. Feel the heat transfer to your tense, sore muscles and manipulate deep tissues as the smooth Basalt lava or Sedona stones glide across your body, relaxing, and balancing in this ancient tradition.


Himalayan Salt Stone Back Treatment – Enjoy this unique and therapeutic spa service that uses warm, hand-carved salt stones from the Himalayan mountains. During the massage, the therapist uses the salt stones to apply pressure and heat to the muscles of the back, which helps to reduce tension and promote relaxation. The warmth of the stones also helps to improve circulation and detoxify the body. This luxurious and restorative treatment is ideal for those looking to unwind and rejuvenate their mind and body.


Hand, Foot or Back Scrub-  Extend the experience of massage with the use of salts/sugars that stimulate the body, refresh the skin, and alleviate soreness.  It is then followed by an application of body moisturizer that replenishes hydration and leaves you feeling smooth.


Paraffin Wax Treatment-  This treatment delivers fast, temporary relief from chronic arthritis, joint stiffness, sport injuries, muscle spasms, and inflammation.  It also helps to retain moisture in the back, elbows, knees, hands and feet.


Herbal Ball Compress-  Warm herbal packs are compressed along the body/back during massage to invoke relaxation and boost energy.


Detoxification Clay Application-  An apple cider vinegar and bentonite clay concoction is applied and allowed to rest on the body/back to purify the body of unhealthy substances such as dangerous chemicals and heavy metals.


CBD Oil Infused Massage with Dry Brushing-  An oil blend with 12.5mg of CBD per ounce is used along with dry brushing techniques on large muscle groups of the body.  This aims to increase circulation, stimulate and enhance absorption of CBD oil that can manipulate your physical, mental/emotional state for relaxation, tension relief, mood balancing and pain reduction.


Therapeutic Massage Treatments


Cupping- silicone cups are used on major muscle groups to gently and effectively increase circulation, move stagnant energy and bring up and flush out toxins in the body.


Bamboo Massage- specifically crafted bamboo sticks are used to more deeply manipulate muscle tissue to release tension in major muscle groups and induce relaxation.


Massage Gun- be charged with vibrations that more deeply penetrate the body to stimulate muscle tissue and free adhesions all the while releasing tension and inducing longer lasting physical relaxation.


Crystals- rose quartz, obsidian, adventurine or clear quartz crystal is used to apply pressure to points along energy channels of the body to stimulate energy flow, muscle scraping techniques are used to induce/ facilitate a healing response in the body.


Make it a more wholistic experience with…


Sound Therapy- Various instruments are used to positively affect the body via rhythmic vibrations and harmonious tones.


Guided Imagery/Meditation/ Breathwork-  Be lead by calming directives that assist you in experiencing a deeper sense of relaxation.  Tap into your subconscious to gain clarity and insight by way of communication with your “Higher/Inner Self”.



Can’t decide?  Let us know your specific focus and desired outcome.  We will suggest enhancements and tailor your service to positively support you.


Complimentary Add-ons by request or our suggest ;-):


Reflexology- An ancient art using specific pressure points on the hands and feet.  This type of bodywork is used to reestablish the flow of energy throughout the body, and relieve stress.

Hot/Cold Towel Therapy-  Aids in soothing (hot)/ invigorating (cold) and healing (hold/cold) tired, aching back/neck muscles.

Room Aroma- essential or fragrance oils are diffused in your immediate space to support a relaxing atmosphere and therapeutic experience. * Offer for Take Time Wholistic Wellness Members Only.

Energywork-  A healing method using one’s own life force energy to cleanse and balance the mind, body and spirit.


Signature Offering:


Wholistic Wellness Massage-

Designed for extreme relaxation of the body and clarity of the mind, this massage is an ensemble  of energetic yet soothing and nurturing strokes accompanied by guided meditation. 

60 minutes= $95

75 minutes= $110

90 minutes= $125


Meditative Massage-

Experience profound relaxation and holistic rejuvenation with our Meditative Massage service. This unique offering combines the therapeutic benefits of a slow-paced, light-flow massage with meditation-inducing white noise and the soothing effects of essential oils and temple application. It’s not just a massage; it’s a journey to inner peace and tranquility.

60 minutes= $85

75 minutes= $100

90 minutes= $115


Other Offerings:


Chair Massage- this is an introduction to massage, a short 5-20 minute session, which can address the shoulders, neck, back, head, arms, and hands.  Massage can be received fully clothed in a portable massage chair.  This form of massage is popular at some offices, conferences, workshops, and social events.1- 2 hour minimum. $75-125/hour. Contact us for details.


Spa Parties- to celebrate or just because.  Wellness focused gatherings can be planned and executed by our wholistic wellness professionals and customized to meet your desires and requires.  Contact us to discuss the possibilities. 1 hour, 3 person minimum starting at $35/person


4 Hand (Tandem) Massage- during this heavenly four hand experience, let go and indulge in the rhythmic flow of deep relaxation.  In time that is completely devoted to you, receive double the care from two conscious and ever present therapeutic touch specialists that will treat you the way you deserve to be treated.

60 minutes, $175

75 minutes, $205

90 minutes, $235


Couple’s Massage Instruction- be guided by a licensed massage professional that will provide information and background knowledge on the art and application of massage during this enlightening (2) ~45 minute four hand experience.  Discover the joy and relaxation you can feel by both giving and receiving nurturing touch that is both intentional and therapeutic.  ~120 minutes, $160