Indulge in the ultimate Exhale Spa Escapes experience.

Our massage therapy and spa services are provided in a residential studio that has been transformed into a serene paradise.  Get away to a place with the comforts of home or partake in some of the same pleasures in your chosen space.

At Exhale Spa Escapes we strive to meet our clients’ every expectation, in hopes of exceeding it.  We value professional, high quality service and standards.



Request Your Relaxing Moments eGuide.

Be well on your way to the extremely relaxed state of being you deserve.  Benefit from simple and easily integrated practices for stress management.  Create the lifestyle best for the attainment and sustainment of optimal wellness.


Now is the time, for you to take time for yourself.

Enjoy the relaxing and refreshing sense of well-being that comes with the right spa treatments for you.

Exhale Spa Escapes’ Take Time Wholistic Wellness Membership Program

is your self-care program for mind-body-spirit wellness.

Whether you desire relaxation or stimulation to self conserve or preserve, you will be taking responsibility for your health, making yourself a priority and committing to optimal wellness by choosing to accept the invitation to take time to nurture “YOU”.

Invest in yourself by making regular, consistent massage a part of your wholistic wellness regimen.  Committing to yourself is one of the most life affirming things you can do for a sustained optimal mind-body state.  Being loyal and good to yourself affords you at least one Integrated Wellness Massage service each month and special rates for additional massage sessions (conditions apply).  By being a Exhale Spa Escapes Wellness Massage Member you can elect to take part in the Lifestyle Rewards Program at no additional charge and earn “more” benefits.


NOTE:  Membership is for established clients only.  New clients should receive initial service before becoming a member.

Banish Stress with the Magic of Breathing

One of the most enchanting ways to melt away stress is through the magical practice of meditation, which often involves delightful breathing techniques. Picture this: with every breath, you send waves of calm through your mind, ushering in a profound sense...

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Yoga: A Path to Stress-Less Living

Many people turn to yoga for a myriad of reasons—whether it’s to navigate life’s rollercoaster, for sheer enjoyment, or to manage stress. Yoga is like a magical toolkit for stress relief, offering relaxation, proper breathing exercises, and a variety of...

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The Enchanting Art of Breathing and Relaxing

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Serene Moments

Cultivating Presence and Awareness in the Spring SeasonAs the earth awakens from its winter slumber, springtime unfolds with a symphony of colors, scents, and sounds, inviting us to embrace the beauty of the present moment. Amidst nature's vibrant renewal,...

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Embracing the Renewal of Spring

A Guide to Seasonal Self-CareAs the earth awakens from its winter slumber, spring emerges as a season of transformation, growth, and renewal. Just as nature undergoes a beautiful metamorphosis, shedding the old and welcoming the new, spring invites us to...

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At Exhale Spa Escapes,

we integrate the best of wholistic wellness modalities to best benefit your whole self, mind-body-spirit.  Being simple yet detailed we gladly utilize a personal and very present approach to serving your individual massage and bodywork desires and “requires”.


All of our services, every bit of what we do, is focused on and centered around stress relief and relaxation.  ESE is your best choice for wholistic wellness services.