It is believed that yoga can be an avenue for personal development, conscious living and a way to attain and sustain a healthy mind and body.  This contemporary yoga circle is a modern approach to traditional yoga and will focus on strength, stretch and stress relief.  These sessions are for beginner to intermediate level interests and will present a challenging and empowering experience.

For more information, contact us at 901.754.1153.

The Sanctuary: Contemporary Yoga Circle Inspired by the Take Time Wholly Trinity Wholistic Wellness Program, the Contemporary Yoga Circle is a collaboration of kindred spirits on a personal journey to living well through the mind-body medium.  This circle will focus on best practices and support in various areas of wellness including mental, physical and spiritual wellness, relaxation, exercise, breathing, nutrition, positive thinking and meditation.  The Contemporary Yoga Circle unites the mind and body with meditation through movement.  It is a modern approach to traditional yoga with free exploration.   Did you know?  Yoga leads towards balance of the mind, body and spirit.  When practicing yoga one can learn how these three elements are interconnected and how one influences another.  Yoga can empower one to accept his/herself and take responsibility for his/her own life.   The Sanctuary:  Contemporary Yoga Circle was developed to address the needs of a diverse population of individuals as relates to fitness and personal wellness.  It is believed that yoga can be an avenue for personal development, conscious living and a way to attain a healthy mind and body.   ESE’s approach to this format promotes relaxation, stress reduction, self awareness and personal discovery.  These sessions are for those who have an interest in being healthy, naturally and wholistically and those who open to using mind-body fitness techniques that are challenging, inspirational and fulfilling.   ESE’s goal is to take a simple approach to a very complex form of being well, whole, and healthy, by using common best practices and exercises tailored to specific needs, interests, and levels/abilities situations of those with a common thread or connection to one another.   The contemporary yoga circle is a fun, safe, open, supportive, non judgmental environment where experiences are shared and yoga leads the way by building steps to success in wellness.  


Group Yoga Session  $6-20/person

Private Yoga Session  $75

Semi Private Yoga Sessions $30/person (limited to three people)  


Each session lasts approximately one hour please allow an additional 15 minutes for intake and transition.   Contact us at 901.754.1153 for more information or to schedule/register for your yoga session.