HEMP Help CBD Oil Infused Massage Enhancement for Stress Relief and Relaxation


Exhale Spa Escapes will be offering CBD Massage treatment, starting April 20th (for a limited time, while supplies last).


So what’s all the hype about?  What’s this CBD and what can it do for me?

Allow me to share what we’ve learned and why we have decided to add this to our service offerings.


Initially we thought that CBD oil was just a trendy way to appeal to and attract beings seeking to alter their state of mind-body existence with the influence of a outside source.  But, we now feel it is more than that.  We have a personal philosophy that includes the belief that smoking “herb”  is not the most effective and overall health full way to improve one’s mental, emotional state outside of its use in an occasional ceremonial way.  However consuming its essence via mouth or skin can prove to be beneficial for both it’s major use of pain relief and surprisingly a plethora of other desired and required uses such as stress relief and relaxation in the cases of most of our clients.  Along with these benefits, it is also said to support the following:


– reduce inflammation

– decrease tension

– eases stiffness (especially that of the chronic nature)

– balances mood


,…among other things.


Ultimately it promotes relaxation and assists one in gaining a deeper sense of relaxation by alleviating anxiety. As you may already know, properly managing stress can decrease one’s risk for related mentally and physically expressed ailments.


The breakdown-

CBD is a cannabinoid.

A cannabinoid is a compound found in the cannabis plant, the least processed form of the cannabis plant called, hemp.

It is different from marijuana and although it does not change one’s state of mind, it seems to effect the body.  Some research presents its medical/medicinal benefits as well. 

When massaged into the skin, CBD oil attaches and reacts to skin receptors to induce quite a bit of positive physiological gains.


Experience the uncharted realm of wellness through an enhance massage treatment.  CBD oil massage might just be the element that propels you to better realms of physical existence.


Frequently Asked Questions About CBD Oil Infused Massage Treatments at Exhale Spa Escapes


What type of CBD Massage Oil do you use?

We currently use, Soothing Touch CBD Clinical Cannabinoid Nut Free Lite Oil, sometimes blended with Lavender, Bergamot, Peppermint, Rosemary and other essential oils.  In its simple state it has, 12.5mg of CBD per ounce, Sunflower Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Natural Vitamin E Oil and Full Spectrum Hemp Oil.


Does massage oil include THC?  Would I test positive on Drug Test?

No, the massage oil we use does not have a traceable about of THC, a cannabinoid that that causes the “high” feel and reflects a positive marijuana drug test.  You would only test positive on a drug test for marijuana if you indeed invest/consume marijuana and/or THC.


Will it make me “high”?

Maybe, but not in the sense that marijuana would.


Will I smell of marijuana after receiving the CBD Oil infused massage treatment?

No ma’am.  No sir. Not at all.


How would the massage application differ from your Integrated Wellness Massage?

For some it may be similar, for others it may be vastly different.  This depends greatly on what your Integrated Wellness Massage may have deemed necessary during any given session.  But, in general it is intended to include more, shaking/jostling, percussion/tapping, maybe more stretches (depending on body type and level of comfort-ability) and dry brushing.  Like the Integrated Wellness Massage it is very intuitive and could include a hot/warm towel treatment.  Note:  There is an intake form rider (special informed consent) required to receive this treatment.


How much additional fee does the CBD Oil Infused Massage Enhancement require? 

$10-$20 depending on choice duration of massage and massage focus, and whether or not essential oil blend is desired.  Call us for details.


Are there any side effects?

None currently known or realized for skin application but CBD Oil ingested by mouth could cause nausea, vomiting, dizziness, fatigue and diarrhea among other things.


Is it legal?

Of course.  If not, we would not be offering it.


What forms of payment are accepted for this service enhancement?

$10-$20 for enhancement by cash and check only


Do you use full spectrum (whole hemp extracted) oil?

Yes, indeed. 🙂  It’s best!


Add an special blend of essential oils for specific effect and best benefit.  This oil along with  the application of a sequence of massage techniques designed for maximum compound absorption and complete relaxation. 


Get the perfect compliment to your next CBD oil massage at Your CBD Store on Poplar Ave. in Memphis, TN.  Take a tincture sublingually, 30 minutes – 2 hours before your massage appointment and ride your wave of deep relaxation for hours.


Note:  Responses and feelings towards CBD oil massage are subjective.


Call us, to schedule your HEMP Help CBD Oil Infused Massage Treatment Today!