Organic food is healthier and safer than food produced conventionally.
Many people ask the question, are organic foods safer? More nutritious?
My conclusion is yes, ultimately is… anything consumed by the human body that is as close to its natural state as God intended is better for you over all.  Your body can process it better.

All people should consume organic foods and conventional foods better regulated.

Conventional foods have been exposed to…

  • Chemical fertilizers to promote growth
  • Insecticides to reduce pests and disease
  • Chemical herbicides to manage weeds
  • And in some cases antibiotics, growth hormones and medications to prevent disease and spur growth

Organic foods have been farmed by…

  • apply natural fertilizers such as manure or compost to feed soil and plants
  • use beneficial insects and birds traps to reduce pests and disease.
  • rotate crops, till, and hand weed or mulch to manage weeds
  • give animals organic feed and allow them to access the great outdoors. Use preventive measures such as rotating grazing, a balanced diet and clean housing- to help minimize disease.

People are increasing complaining about failing health and poor body functioning causing…

–         poor digestion

–         poor sleep

–         cancer

–         over development

Well what are you-we going to do about it????


Now some may argue,…

–         By using this additives they are insuring quality and quantity

  • As you have heard there is more than one way to skin a cat and as I have shared today there are healthier options for disease, animal and crop control.

–         Organic farming cannot feed to developing world

  • Why not?  Let’s go back to basics and glamorize and support the farming industry to do such and if you want another option help people to take more responsibility for what they eat.  Stop building up and build out… expand farming areas.

–         Organic foods are costly

  • Although I can agree with this at times —-I feel there is a solution.  Really we are over consumers of food to begin with but besides that we don’t want to heavily regulate how much each person can eat.—as the sector develops and technologies are improved, the cost of organic food should decrease as yields increase and production cost decrease.
  • The Royal Society of Chemistry concludes that non-organic foods can actually cost more in some places when you factor in that you pay out three fold ( once at the counter, 2nd via taxation and 3rd to remedy the problems associated with producing and consuming non organic foods)


Can we really afford not to take charge and eat organic??? No we can’t!

So there it is.

In the day and age where money, energy and effort is being put into cancer research to try to find out the cause and cure for a variety of different cancer, I say don’t add fuel to the fire and add unnatural unhealthy and potential harmful additives to your diet if you can help it.  And the government should step up and regulate more and make food altering more difficult.  We the people should not stand for allowing a quick and easy buck to destroy our lives and our health.  Be conscious of the type and source of the food you eat. Buy and eat foods that are regulated and deemed organic by the USDA.