As a society we have gotten comfy cozy with our state of being, not giving particular attention to whether or not we are truly living the life we are meant to live, or functioning at our highest level.  We often times get into a routine and settle for just getting by, making excuses (my children/ family need me more than I need myself, I can’t afford to take care of myself, etc.) for why we are not applying ourselves towards our best life.  In this respect, we find our lives lacking meaning.  This discontentment makes way for unhappiness via negative stress due to the realization that even though some effort has been made, we are not in complete control (and I’m not saying we should always be in control 🙂 ).  Some of us haven’t taken the time to discover what our best life would look like, feel like, smell like, taste like, sound like– BE like.  We get so wrapped up in just trying to get by that we don’t notice when we need to rest, relax and recharge.  The cycle usually repeats until things get out of hand and injury/ illness forces us to slow down and take care.


Concept:  The mind/body speaks.  It is constantly communicating with you.  When it speaks, will you listen?  Your mind/body feeds you what it needs/ desires and wants to be well.

“Like the voice beyond the grave, your body speaks beyond the flesh.”

Implementing the concept:  Be still, Be quiet, Be present.

Activity: Get comfortable and focus on your breath for 15 minutes today.


Get motivated to make YOU, your highest priority.  Wake up right now and feel brand new.


To those of you on your journey to living well, Congratulations!  Share the inspiration and invite others along for the ride.