While sitting in the waiting room at the eye doctor’s office recently I noticed a striking and complex picture hanging on the wall.  The picture is entitled Swans Reflecting Elephants by Salvador Dali.  I immediately began to conduct my personal analysis/ interpretation of the meaning of the picture.  It details three swans purposefully placed on a body of water.  On the surface it is simply that (swans on water), but in the reflection in the water there are three elephants pictured.  To me this initially represented life in many aspects.  On the surface one’s life can depict the picture perfect ideal and rightfully so, but underneath the surface (upon reflection) a totally different picture is painted.  A picture of one’s goals and aspirations, hopes and dreams.  Not saying that either picture is better than the other, but only that they both exist.  One picture (life) is routine, traditional, and comfortably attained while the other is purposeful, significant, and more breath taking.  With this said Take Time today to reflect, not on one thing in particular, just your life in general.  Find a quiet, peaceful, serene place to be alone with your breathe for at least 5-10 minutes today.  Do this without passing judgment on yourself or others and with no higher expectations.  May your mind body and spirit be awaken to the possibility of a more purposeful, successful, meaningful, and significant existence.