Congratulations, Donna H. !

National Massage Therapy Week Winner


In the Memphis area or know someone who is?

Complete and submit the form below and be entered into a drawing for a complimentary 1 hour Integrated Wellness Massage at Exhale Spa Escapes, Memphis, TN and grant the gift that keeps on giving for the next year. Conditions Apply.


How it works:

1. You win and receive your massage in November 2022.

2. You also receive a gift certificate to give to someone you care about.

3. That someone receives their complimentary massage in December 2022.

4. That someone also receives a gift certificate that they may give to someone they care about who then receives their complimentary massage in January 2023 and this repeats every month through October of 2023.

Massage Therapy Rocks!

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a National Massage Therapy Week “Throwback” (Way Back ;-))