Exhale Spa Escapes’ Take Time Wholistic Wellness Lifestyle Advocacy Rewards Program

  • Advocate for optimal health and wellness
  • Assist and support others in living wholistically well and taking charge of their health
  • Receive the best wholistic wellness services for you and share your joy with others
  • Receive complimentary massage therapy, spa therapy, yoga therapy and/or wholistic wellness coaching services
  • Design and practice your own customized Take Time Wholistic Wellness Membership Program


Earn Complimentary

  • Massages
  • Spa Treatments
  • Wholistic Wellness Coaching
  • Yoga Sessions
  • Spa Products and more

We give you all the tools and resources to advocate for wellness making it easy and fun.


This program has been redesigned to provide further incentive and motivation to take time for yourself by supporting you in enhancing your time at Exhale Spa Escapes.  You receive “more” for taking responsibility for your well-being and making yourself, your self care a priority. * This program is offered at no charge.


Make it a Lifestyle

(conditions apply)


Staying on the Books = 10 points

Initiating Exhale Spa Escapes Wellness Massage Membership = 100 points + 10 points per active month

Mention/ Share Us on Social Media = 5 points/mention-share day

Engage Take Time To… by Exhale Spa Escapes‘ Self Care Membership = 12-50 points/ active month

Your Friends Becomes Our Clients = 150 points/per friend + 50 bonus points when they become a Exhale Spa Escapes Wellness Massage Member

Every Hour of Service You Receive by Exhale Spa Escapes (outside if membership)= 10 points


Receive “More” Benefits

(conditions apply)


50 Points = Complimentary Service Enhancement

50 Points = 10% off Coupon Code for Take Time To… by Exhale Spa Escapes Self Care Shop

100 Points = Per 15 Minute Service Upgrade


Exhale Spa Escapes reserves the right to adapt/ change any/ all parts of the Take Time Advocacy Program with or without notice.  This could include concluding the program.


How To Join The Take Time Advocacy Rewards Program

Receive at least one massage service at Exhale Spa Escapes, establishing yourself as a client.

Express your interest and make the declaration to advocate for wholistic wellness and self care at your next Exhale Spa Escapes appointment or with the form below.

Sow: Practice self care and share with others.

Reap: Receive/ Earn rewards for doing so.

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