Do you still remember the last time you was sick? How did it felt? And did it felt worse as you succumb to negative thinking as you unconsciously focus your mind on the sickness? This happens as we allow our mind to dwell on the negative. But how did it felt when a loved one takes care of you and reaffirms you that you are going to get well? Your attention shifts as you dwell on healthy and positive thoughts.


Positive thinking is no magical pill that removes all sickness instantly. However, in a few days time you do get better. The effect is similar to the use of medicine as it formulates the strong belief that you are going to get well. Positive thinking, believing that you will be healed, and together with the effects of the medicine work hand-in-glove for a speedy recovery.


There have been many researches about the effects of positive thinking on healing a person. Some studies show that positive thinking indeed can help a person heal.


A scientific research was done to see how thought can affect health status. It has been proven that when a person is in a lot of stress, the immune system of the body weakens. But when a person thinks positively and alleviates his stress, the immune system of the body strengthens.


How to develop positive thinking:


1)Say Positive, Think Positive – always use positive words not only when speaking but also when you are thinking. Phrases such as “I can” and “I am capable” are just some of the examples.


2)Feel Positive – let positive feelings flow through you. Get the feeling of happiness, strength and success.


3)Around Positive – be with people who think positively. Positive and negative feelings are contagious. Being with people whose spirits are damped can also make your spirits damp. But being with people whose outlook in life is positive then it will rub off on you too.


Developing a positive mindset is the key to self healing. It is not that easy to develop but it is attainable. Having a positive outlook in life will empower you. Even if your situation or circumstances are not what you want them to be, just think positive and expect favorable results. With a positive outlook, your life will change.


In healing through positive thinking, it would not be proper to say that you don’t need to seek out the help of a doctor when you are not feeling well. It would not also be correct not to take medicines anymore since all you need is to think positive about your condition and you will be healed. What is implied here is that you use positive thinking side by side with your current treatment.


While you are in treatment and you think negatively of your condition, you will surely deteriorate. Conversely, if you are in an unfavorable situation and you use positive thinking side by side with your treatment, then it will help you dramatically. Your mind and thoughts have a tremendous impact on your body and life!